Top five Trevor Siemian trade destinations in 2018

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Taking a look at the top five trade destinations for Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian, who is reportedly going to be shopped by the team…

The Denver Broncos will look to move quarterback Trevor Siemian this offseason, according to Mike Klis.

This is definitely not unexpected news in the least. Siemian is coming off of his second season as the primary starting quarterback for the Broncos, and has a career record of 13-11 as a starter with 30 touchdowns and 24 interceptions.

Of course, numbers don’t tell the whole story with Siemian, who has been a frustrating player for the Broncos at times because he has limited them from being a postseason contender, at least in 2017.

Despite being a success story as a former seventh round afterthought, Siemian’s big chance at being a full-time starter in the NFL has put the Broncos in a position this offseason where they need to look into alternatives, and of the long-term variety.

Siemian is not Denver’s answer at quarterback, and thus the two parties are headed for a split.

Where could Siemian land this offseason? Would the Broncos realistically be able to trade him?

Siemian has one year left on his contract and escalators based on playing time have elevated his base salary to $1.9 million, roughly.

Even just for a season, a quarterback on that kind of contract with Siemian’s age and starting experience will have some value around the league. Even if the Broncos end up having to release Siemian from his contract instead of trading him, I think he’ll have plenty of suitors as a backup quarterback.

Here are five options that could be intriguing…