Denver Broncos could also coach Josh Allen at 2018 Senior Bowl

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 21: Josh Allen /

The Denver Broncos are coaching the ‘North’ roster at the 2018 Senior Bowl, and could therefore be in line to coach QB prospect Josh Allen…

The Denver Broncos will have a great opportunity for their coaching staff to work with some of the best of the best prospects in the country at the 2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl.

That list of prospects includes Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, who will be on the Broncos’ North roster.

Another player that could possibly be on Denver’s roster at the Senior Bowl is Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, who is not a senior but is eligible for the week of festivities in Mobile because he’s a fourth-year junior.

If Allen accepts an invitation to the 2018 Senior Bowl (he’s rumored to be the eighth and final QB on the target list), then he could very well be on Denver’s North roster.

The rosters are not always 100 percent accurate geographically, and many times there will be a lot more players coming from schools one direction or another that the Senior Bowl will simply assemble the rosters themselves, and not always put so much stock into geography.

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That said, Wyoming is more a Northern state than anything else, and along with Luke Falk from Washington State, it would seem likely that both he and Allen (should he be on the invite list) would be on the Broncos’ roster.

This would give Denver an opportunity to be hands-on with Allen for a few days of practice, get to know him personally and as a prospective professional, and see if they can’t ‘fix’ a few things about him.

Allen is still considered a top 10 prospect despite finishing his second straight season with under 60 percent of his passes being completed. I don’t know how much of that exactly was due to drops, but I do know that Allen’s passing caused most of the low completion percentage.

This is a guy with a huge arm, but his accuracy is inconsistent and he has plenty of work yet to do.

The Senior Bowl would be a great environment for Bill Musgrave and whoever the Broncos’ quarterbacks coach is to work with a young player like Allen. The Scouting Combine is not as ideal of an environment for the type of evaluation you will be able to get at the Senior Bowl, so it would be nice to see Denver get the opportunity to coach both Mayfield and Allen, even Mason Rudolph if I’m going to be greedy.

Another player we’d like to see Denver coach at the Senior Bowl is Richmond sleeper Kyle Lauletta, a possible day two quarterback who is set to open some eyes in the pre-draft process.