John Elway’s son says his dad is ‘scheming’, tells fans not to worry

John Elway is never satisfied with anything less than winning it all, so it makes sense that his son says he is ‘scheming’ but what does that mean?

We know John Elway is not satisfied with how his Denver Broncos have performed this season, even with the issues at quarterback and a brand new coaching staff.

The expectation among Broncos fans is to win football games — a lot of them — and being eliminated from the playoffs with about a month left in the season is nothing short of embarrassing for this franchise.

Elway is going to take action, we know that, but this Instagram post from his son, Jack Elway, was interesting to say the least…

Elway, like a mad scientist, scheming to make this team better, is exactly the image I want going into the offseason. The Broncos shouldn’t be okay with complacency, and they shouldn’t be immune to criticism.

John Elway, for all he has done for the franchise, has not found the long-term solution for this team at quarterback since Peyton Manning left, which is reasonable considering the fallout of Brock Osweiler in 2016 and the lack of development from Paxton Lynch.

It’s not that the Broncos haven’t tried, but they haven’t been in great position to fix the quarterback position at all.

This offseason, that’s a different story.

Armed with plenty of draft capital and spending money in free agency, the Broncos’ top priority this offseason must be finding the next franchise quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Whether that’s a big name free agent like Kirk Cousins, a second-tier free agent like Tyrod Taylor, or one of the NFL Draft’s biggest arms like Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, or Josh Rosen — it has to get done.

We can all rest easy knowing that Elway is ‘scheming’ and has a plan in place, but that plan needs to be executed no matter the cost. If Elway truly has something in mind that can get this team back into contention as soon as possible, he needs to make sure to close the deal.

The Broncos have missed out on some key free agents the past couple of seasons because they stuck to a price and wouldn’t go past it. To a certain degree, that’s the right thing to do. In other areas, you wonder if it wouldn’t just be wise to overpay a little  bit to get top quality.

Specifically, that is, for the quarterback position.

We will have fun all offseason speculating as to the ‘schemes’ Elway has up his sleeve.