Brock Osweiler takes flight, Trevor Siemian injured, Devontae Booker highlight

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 14: Trevor Siemian /

The Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts are at halftime, and there has been no shortage of action, including Brock Osweiler’s rushing touchdown…

The Denver Broncos head into the locker room of Thursday Night Football trailing the Indianapolis Colts by a field goal, and a lot has happened.

A lot, including Brock Osweiler replacing an injured Trevor Siemian, who hurt the same left shoulder he’s injured now three times.

Not good.

But, as far as the game, the Broncos were sparked by the inclusion of Osweiler in the lineup, unlike with Siemian, who was off to a poor start. As a matter of fact, Bleacher Report didn’t even bother to use a number to measure his first half quarterback rating:

Okay, even I have to admit — that’s pretty hilarious.

Siemian’s first half was not good, but like I alluded to, Osweiler’s was pretty nice. He completed seven of his 11 passes for 74 yards and looked sharp on all of his throws except for one that he hung up on a deep ball to the right sideline.

But the highlight of Osweiler’s first half?

His heroic dive.

The dive by Osweiler for a touchdown ignited the entire Broncos sideline, and they remain within range of getting their first road win in a thousand years (sarcasm font).

Devontae Booker’s play that won’t count, but may be the best play of the year

That’s a long title, but a necessary one.

Booker caught a pass from Brock Osweiler, and took it for a touchdown. That description does not do justice to what we saw on this play, which was called back for holding on Garett Bolles:

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For a player in Booker that hasn’t been spectacular this season, this is a beyond-spectacular play. As a matter of fact, I would say it’s probably the best play of the Broncos’ season.

And it won’t count.

Not even a little bit.

Thanks, Bolles!

Siemian’s injury

The Broncos announced Siemian would be out for the rest of the game with a left shoulder injury, and like I mentioned before, it’s the third injury (that we know of) that he has suffered to his shoulder.

He had injured it last season, had offseason surgery to repair the damage, and injured it again earlier this year. If this injury doesn’t put him on injured reserve, I will be shocked. Siemian was in considerable pain on the sideline, which you can see in the picture above.

The Broncos are going to win. take it to the bank.