Denver Broncos: Bradley Roby is their Future Cornerback


The season is not performing according to plan, but the Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby is having a career year in 2017…

There was no denying the talent of former first draft pick Bradley Roby by the Denver Broncos in 2014.

Roby dealt with a DUI days before the NFL Draft affecting his stock; however, he still fell to the best possible scenario for his career. Roby struggled to adjust in his first preseason, but near the end, he took off. He has displayed tremendous ball skills ever since he came into the league.

Fast forward to this past Sunday, when defensive coordinator Joe Woods saw the lights turn on again for Roby.

"“He’s not a big talker, but you can see it in his eyes when he made a couple of plays just kind of saying, ‘Hey I can do this.’ And that’s what we need from him.”Joe Woods on Bradley Roby (Quotes via Broncos PR)"

Through week 13 of this season Roby sees himself in great company with the lowest burn percentage in the NFL:

This tells me Roby’s technique is more consistent coverage. Roby’s shown tremendous speed to close in on receivers’ routes. Woods is seeing this throughout the season.

"“It’s just whether it’s a press technique, whether it’s off technique or how we’re playing thirds. Things of that nature.”Joe Woods"

Woods also said when the lights turn on he can cover anyone.

"“As long as his technique’s right, athletically, he can cover anybody in this league. Just really being disciplined in what he’s doing,”Woods"

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Roby is entering stardom before our eyes. If you ask me, I knew the minute I saw his play against Pittsburgh Steelers in Denver Broncos playoff game during 2015 season. It is the same awareness shown by Pat Tillman to punch the ball out with his fist.

Roby did the same against the Dolphins last Sunday.

Roby’s strength to fight off blockers in the process of a potential hold furthermore places a stamp as his future as a Denver Broncos cornerback.

Obviously, the Broncos would love to keep the corps in tact as much as possible, but Roby is a number one corner.

Roby appears to be in the future plans of the Denver Broncos and we are seeing a glimpse of it this season.