Denver Broncos mock draft: Matt Miller makes shocking selection

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 21: Josh Allen /

Bleacher Report NFL Draft expert Matt Miller made a shocking selection for the Denver Broncos in his latest NFL Mock Draft…

The Denver Broncos are almost assuredly not participating in the playoffs this year, so even if you’re still holding out some hope, it doesn’t hurt to start looking forward to the 2018 offseason and the 2018 NFL Draft in particular.

Right now, the Broncos are slated for a potential top five pick, and have the fourth slot with five games left to play.

If the draft order holds, the Broncos may have their choice of quarterbacks after the Browns pick the guy they want. That is a nice situation for Denver to be in, even if they have to look into trading up.

We discussed some of those scenarios in another article on Monday morning…

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report released his Monday mock draft, and made a pretty shocking selection for the Broncos.

For the Broncos, Miller selected Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen.


Josh Allen?

The kid who was supposed to be some big time phenom after last season, and completely fell off the map this year?

Apparently so.

Here’s some of Miller’s rationale for the pick:

"You might not think Josh Allen is worth a top-five selection, but once NFL scouts get a look at him in workouts and interviews, his stock will solidify in the top 10. And don’t be surprised if Denver Broncos general manager John Elway sees a lot of his younger self in the strong-armed, athletic Wyoming quarterback.Allen has been out with a strained AC joint in his throwing shoulder, but his goal should be to get healthy for the Senior Bowl in late January. He is an underclassman but is scheduled to graduate in December. That makes him eligible to participate in Mobile, Alabama. If Allen’s stock isn’t high enough already, it will be when he completes that week in front of NFL scouts and general managers.Matt Miller, Bleacher Report (on his pick of Josh Allen to Denver)"

Miller was one who shed light on Allen’s emergence last season, and there was no doubt about it — this kid had everything going for him.

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Allen’s athleticism, strong arm, and upside in general had NFL Draft fans and experts swooning over him as the top player in the 2018 class, potentially. Allen quickly failed to live up to the hype this season, starting off with a dud performance against Iowa and faltering against other top competition like Oregon.

Battling through injury and lack of a great supporting cast, however, the jury may still be out on Allen’s future in the NFL. He deserves at least a little bit of slack, but to maintain his top five status?

That’s pretty bold after everything we’ve seen from him this year.

I have watched almost every game of Allen’s this year, and while much of his regression can be blamed on a bad supporting cast, there are some areas where he has taken a step back individually. He has some work to do.

But if the Broncos were picking him in the top five, there would be no time to waste. He would be chosen as the franchise quarterback for Denver and would be expected to start right away.

I don’t know if Allen is going to be able to do that in Denver. He may be a better fit for the Giants, who can afford a year or two with Eli Manning at quarterback.

That said, it’s a great show of faith in the player that Miller still has Allen this high and believes in him for what he can show scouts in the coming months.