Aqib Talib snatches Michael Crabtree’s chain again, brawl ensues

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Cornerback Aqib Talib
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Cornerback Aqib Talib /

Aqib Talib has been collecting Michael Crabtree’s chains, apparently. He got another one and both players were ejected after a brawl…

The major storyline going into this Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders matchup was the debut this season of Paxton Lynch, but perhaps it should have been Aqib Talib vs. Michael Crabtree.

The rivalry between Talib and Crabtree is well-documented at this point, as Talib got under Crabtree’s skin in a game against the Raiders last season by snatching the chain off of his neck.

Talib is back up to his old tricks…

Here’s round one from a year ago:

So far, this has been the only interesting development in an otherwise uneventful first quarter for the Broncos. At the time of this publishing, the Broncos hadn’t turned the ball over, so hopefully that streak continues.

Marshawn Lynch came over and helped Talib off the field:

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Both Talib and Crabtree, along with Raiders offensive guard Gabe Jackson, were ejected from the game. Both players were obviously given personal foul penalties, and with all of the craziness that ensued, they weren’t afforded any sort of warnings.

In the grand scheme of things, this was a selfish act by both players who put the success of their team in major jeopardy by getting kicked out of the game.

Who knows what the fallout of all of this will be, but it wouldn’t shock me to see the Broncos fine or even perhaps suspend Talib for a game.

This fight broke out one play after Chris Harris Jr. was hurt and took some time to get off the field. He would quickly make his return to the field, but the Broncos were quickly down to just Brendan Langley and Bradley Roby at the position.