Denver Broncos: How did Brock Osweiler get injured?

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 12: Quarterback Brock Osweiler
DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 12: Quarterback Brock Osweiler /

Denver Broncos starting quarterback Brock Osweiler was injured in Sunday’s game against the Patriots. When did it happen?

Apparently if you play quarterback for the Denver Broncos, you had better watch your back. The injury bug is coming for you. Brock Osweiler is the latest to be added to the dreaded injury report.

Osweiler’s injury is officially a shoulder injury, though we had a good laugh about the mix-up in reports before Vance Joseph officially announced the injury.

Take a look:

We came into the season knowing Chad Kelly was recovering from some pretty significant injuries, and Trevor Siemian had offseason surgery on his non-throwing shoulder as well.

Siemian got hurt again this season, and Paxton Lynch has been out since week three of the preseason with an injury.

Now Osweiler has a shoulder injury, and none of us knew about it until Wednesday, which seems kind of odd.

The reason this injury is odd is simply because of the timing of the announcement. On the same day Brock Osweiler lost practice reps because of a shoulder injury, Paxton Lynch magically went from having no return timetable from injury to taking first-team reps in Osweiler’s absence.

When and how did Osweiler get injured? This is the play:

Because at this point in the process I have turned into a conspiracy theorist, I have a couple of theories as to why this ‘injury’ just popped up.

My first theory is that the Broncos simply want to get Paxton Lynch extra reps in practice, and needed a reason to do so. They took a complete 180 degree turn on Lynch’s immediate future by saying he couldn’t throw deep balls to saying he looked good throwing deep balls on Wednesday.

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Maybe Osweiler is truly sore enough to miss a little practice time, but I honestly think it’s more likely the Broncos needed a reason to elevate Lynch on the depth chart quickly.

My second theory is that the Broncos are upset about the officials not calling roughing the passer on this play, and they’re trying to get this crew in trouble with the league by actually putting Osweiler on the injury report.

If Osweiler has a legitimate shoulder injury from this play, one of the most blatant roughing the passer penalties you will ever see, then the officiating crew that didn’t call it might get a talking to from the league.

My third and final theory is that the Broncos wanted some sort of combination of both of these things, meaning they wanted Lynch to get the extra reps anyway, and bringing to light the obvious penalty that should have been called is an added bonus.

Either way, Osweiler is starting again this weekend and Paxton Lynch isn’t, but that doesn’t mean Lynch won’t play. This could be Osweiler’s final start in Denver for the second time.