Denver Broncos Defense Must Prove Eagles Game Was A Fluke

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Wide receiver Nelson Agholor
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Wide receiver Nelson Agholor /

To date, the Denver Broncos performance against the Philadelphia Eagles was the worst performance by defense since construction, but it is a fluke.

Fast forward to New England Patriots week, the Denver Broncos must prove their season is not hanging in the balance. A good start is getting the defense back on track. Against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Broncos allowed yards to tight end and running backs. Carson Wentz and the Eagles took advantage of every opportunity.

There is no time to worry with the Denver Broncos defense. The team gets to rebound against the Patriots. Throughout the constructed years of this new defense, the Broncos have shut down New England. This is why Von Miller and the rest of the Broncos are still confident.

“I want to go out there and prove that last week was just a fluke. We have the same exact team this week and we have an opportunity to go out here and get a win,” Miller said.

Shane Ray admitted the team’s performance was not where it needed to be. Due to the play on Sunday, CBS removed the game from the air.

“We were embarrassed on national television. They [CBS] changed the game. They took us off the air,” Ray responded to CBS pulling the Broncos game. “That’s embarrassing to lose like that. Don’t think any of us are taking it lightly.”

What must the Broncos defense do?

The Broncos defense must continue their meetings and glean off one another for better communication. Ray alluded to this the other day.

“It’s a very blunt meeting. If I miss an assignment, I’m getting called out on my assignment in front of my defense. If I was supposed to do this and that cost us a big play, that’s seen. So it keeps the truth, it keeps the realness, because what happens is when you start losing and things start getting bad, you get guys that point fingers at everybody, or this guy could have done this or this guy could have done this,” Ray added about the meetings.

Furthermore, the team is still confident and are keeping each other accountable.

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The Broncos face the Patriots on Sunday night, a team the Broncos match up very well against. Justin Simmons matches up with the tight ends and Chris Harris is versatile to move into the slot to cover receivers. Brandon Marshall is capable of covering the running backs out the backfield. Both James White and Rex Burkhead will be tough assignments, but Marshall is capable of stopping them.

Additionally, the best way to neutralize the doubters and fan base is to perform well against the Patriots on Sunday night. Talent never leaves after one game, but alerts the team to player better consistently and not let their guard down.