Chad Kelly dropping dimes after Denver Broncos practice


As Denver Broncos fans remain hopeful a quarterback option will emerge, Chad Kelly has yet to get his opportunity. He’s turning heads after practice…

One member of the Denver media is either playing a really mean joke on quarterback-starved Denver Broncos fans, or there’s been a Chad Kelly sighting.

Kelly is not practicing yet, as the Broncos have yet to ultimately decide what’s going to happen with their quarterback position this season, but he’s staying after practice to get some throwing in.

At least, that’s according to this report from Darren McKee…

If this is simply a ploy to get Broncos fans excited and there’s really nothing to be excited about, well, it worked.

Much of Broncos Country has liked Chad Kelly from the very start, where another sect of fans have never really cared for him and his off-field antics.

In my personal evaluation of Kelly, I watched almost all of his college games at Ole Miss and some of what he did at East Mississippi Community College, and I can say without question he was the most impressive college quarterback the Broncos have on their roster.

Not only did I find him to be the most impressive college quarterback, I also felt like his ability to translate to the NFL was better than that of Paxton Lynch or Trevor Siemian, or even Brock Osweiler.

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Were it not for injury and off-field concerns, I would have given Kelly a borderline first round grade, and going into his senior season, I don’t think I would have been alone.

Even with injury and off-field concerns, I felt like Kelly was a solid day two quarterback prospect. He’s always had a big arm, and is the type of ‘gamer’ at the quarterback position that just has the instinct to make plays, either with his arm or his legs.

That got him into trouble a time or two at Ole Miss, resulting in some significant injuries. However, I would say there’s no denying his talent, and his ability to sling the ball is not surprising.

Who knows if Kelly will get a shot this season? It wouldn’t hurt anything at this point. The Broncos can’t get any worse than zero points, so perhaps the nephew of an NFL Hall of Famer will get his shot at some point.

If he keeps turning heads like this, it may not be out of the question.