Denver Broncos: Vance Joseph not blaming Trevor Siemian

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 22: Chris McCain
CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 22: Chris McCain /

The Denver Broncos’ offense has been horrendous over the past month, but head coach Vance Joseph is not blaming Trevor Siemian…

Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph is not making a quarterback change. Trevor Siemian will remain in his role as the starting quarterback, and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight, there.

Joseph’s willingness to ride it out with Siemian could be detrimental to the Broncos’ chances at making the playoffs this season, but the first-year head coach is not taking his chances with anyone else at this point.

In fact, after the Broncos were shut out on Sunday against the Chargers, Joseph seemingly refused to include Siemian specifically in any of the blame. Of course, there’s plenty to go around, but this is a little odd.

Joseph’s blaming of the offensive line is pretty obvious, and completely deserved as well. The Broncos have been incredibly bad at protecting the quarterback, even though much of the time, he waits to long to get rid of the ball or doesn’t see open receivers anyway.

I noticed during the game on Sunday that Siemian was consistently missing his outlet out of the backfield on plays where a free rusher was coming at him. If your back isn’t going to chip a rusher, then there’s a pretty good chance he’s got the ability to gain some yards after the catch slipping out of the backfield.

Siemian is missing basic things a quarterback in the NFL simply cannot miss. The Broncos crossing midfield yesterday seemed like a miracle. Getting into the red zone was nearly impossible, and in fact didn’t happen until there were just over four minutes in the game.

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There are other offensive lines in the NFL worse than Denver’s that have proven capable of scoring points and even winning games this season, like the Seattle Seahawks. The difference is, the Broncos don’t have a quarterback with the talent of someone like Russell Wilson to compensate for the poor play up front.

Trevor Siemian’s two biggest plays yesterday were a throw and catch to A.J. Derby that was fumbled, and a pass to Demaryius Thomas that was called back on offensive pass interference.

I suppose you could blame those two things instead of Siemian as well.

Whatever the case, we’re going to see Trevor Siemian against the Kansas City Chiefs, whether we like it or not. If the Broncos don’t fix their ‘other’ issues, they are going to find themselves in another lost season.