Five offensive tackles the Denver Broncos could trade for

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Joe Thomas, Cleveland Browns

The Denver Broncos have tried — and apparently failed, or fallen short — to trade for Joe Thomas in the past.

Rekindle the conversation.

The Cleveland Browns are without a victory once again, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility for their front office to trade one of their best players if the price is right.

Thomas keeps getting older, but he keeps dominating opposing pass rushers. He is by far the Browns’ highest graded offensive player this season, with an elite pass blocking grade thanks to zero sacks and zero hits allowed on the quarterback.

I have no idea what the Browns would ask for for Thomas. It’s probably a ridiculous price, but the Broncos may have to consider it strongly.

Thomas would fortify the team’s offensive line, to say the least.

The only issue with potentially bringing in Thomas at this point is that he has just two years remaining on his current contract. He has a $10 million cap hit next season, which is chump change considering the level he plays at on a consistent basis and the way players are getting paid these days, but would you pay a 1st, 2nd, or multiple high picks to get a guy who has just two years left on his deal?

I’m sure down the road, an extension could be worked out, but the price to get Thomas would be high.

Would it be worth it?

That’s what John Elway and company have to weigh.