Denver Broncos Fanzone: Interview with Cody Roark

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(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /

In the next Denver Broncos Fanzone before the bye week, I chat with Cody Roark and get his takes on the team and this Sunday’s game.

The Denver Broncos take on the Oakland Raiders. It will be another big time battle between these long time rivals. It is crazy how many times these two teams have met. The Raiders are the Broncos biggest rivals and it is no secret when they face off, expect some fireworks.

The rivalry has regained some ground with the emergence of Derek Carr and the Raider defense. It is nice to see this rivalry becoming less one sided than it has in the past.

Both teams will be looking to bounce back from losses in Week Three. The winner of this game will also be in sole control of second place in the AFC West by keeping up with the Kansas City Chiefs.

How do the Denver Broncos bounce back from this loss? It appears as if they have put in the work to make sure that they are ready for this game. And I could not be any more excited.

With this being such a huge game, I figured why not bring in Cody Roark? You may know him from his podcast called “Locked on Broncos.” He is also a former writer here at Predominantly Orange. It was nice to be able to catch up with him and talk Broncos.

So, let us see what Cody says about the state of the Denver Broncos and the big rivalry game with the Raiders on Sunday.

The Broncos suffered a tough loss against the Bills. Can you point out what went wrong for the team?

The Broncos just couldn’t capitalize on several red zone situations and had to settle for FGs. I didn’t see much play action in the red zone to mix things up. The crowd atmosphere of Buffalo was intense so that played a role. The difference maker was turnovers. In a ten point game and you have two turnovers and can’t force the Bills into forcing one, its a hard recipe to win on the road given those circumstances.

Trevor Siemian had a rough game and the run game seemed to be abandoned. What do both Siemian and the running backs need to do to get themselves back on track?

I believe they need to go back to establishing balance. I said it during my halftime show that the Broncos must avoid forcing Trevor Siemian to throw for 30+ attempts going into the second half. The run game was there but the Broncos were forced to abandon it late after turnovers occurred and they found themselves down 2 scores. Jamaal Charles and CJ Anderson both were big in the run game. Just get back to the basics.

As a Broncos fan, what is your favorite memory of all time?

My favorite memory would have to be the SB wins for the Broncos. I was 3 and 4 in 97,98 and watched the game but evidently I don’t remember at that age. My grandmother has pictures of me watching those SBs with a Broncos helmet on and a John Elway jersey. I was grateful to be able to witness the Broncos win SB 50 in a fairy tale season that saw PM ride off into the Sunset!

The Denver Broncos take on the Oakland Raiders in a very key divisional battle. What will be key to get the win going into the bye week?

The key for Denver this week is to rebound. The Broncos defense needs to have a better showing this week against Derek Carr. The secondary struggled against Buffalo and needs to have stellar play against Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, and several other wideouts who can make plays for them. Obviously swarming to Marshawn Lynch and gang tackling. Denver missed a lot of tackles last week that kept them on the field for extended drives. The offense has to come out and limit mistakes. I’d expect the Raiders to line up Khalil Mack on Menelik Watson’s side to try and force pressure on Siemian.

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 Is there one player that you are looking forward to seeing on Sunday?

I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Harris Jr and the secondary respond this week after struggling against Tyrod Taylor and the Bills!

Thank You Cody for taking the time out to chat with me. If you want to see what he is up to, go check out “Locked On Broncos.”