Denver Broncos will be in attendance for Josh Allen vs. Oregon

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 21: Josh Allen /

The Denver Broncos will be among the 16 NFL teams credentialed for the Wyoming vs. Oregon game, and the subject of interest is Josh Allen…

The Denver Broncos will reportedly be among the teams in attendance for the Wyoming Cowboys vs. Oregon Ducks game this weekend, and the main reason for the flock of scouts is likely quarterback Josh Allen.

Allen, who had a breakout sophomore campaign for the Cowboys in 2016, is off to a fairly slow start to his junior season. He was held in check (to put it lightly) against the Iowa Hawkeyes with no touchdowns and two interceptions, and threw a pair of touchdowns to get back on track this past weekend against Gardner-Webb.

Of course, anytime you are watching the Oregon Ducks play, the opposing team’s quarterback is not the sole subject of focus.

The Broncos could also be there to take an up-close look at Ducks running back Royce Freeman, who is absolutely awesome to watch.

Allen needs a big game against the Ducks, to be honest. He has struggled badly against power five competition, and it won’t do him any favors in the scouting world if the reports on him read ‘struggled badly in opportunities against better competition’.

The Oregon defense isn’t the 2016 Alabama defense, but it’s better than a lot of defenses Allen will face throughout the season.

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The question is — will the Broncos have a need for Josh Allen come time for the 2018 NFL Draft?

It’s still early in the season, so the Broncos can’t afford to just throw all other options to the wind, but Trevor Siemian looked really good in the first regular season game, and looked good in the preseason (as a whole) as well.

After a solid year as a starter in 2016, it stands to reason that Trevor Siemian will be in the team’s long-term plans at quarterback, but the team could fall in love with a guy like Allen.

So, if you’re interested in what the Broncos are doing to prepare for the future, take a look at the Wyoming vs. Oregon game this weekend. You just might get an early look at someone who will be playing for your team on Sundays in the near future.