Brandon Marshall expressing his displeasure with TJ Ward reports

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 08: Inside linebacker Brandon Marshall
DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 08: Inside linebacker Brandon Marshall /

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall is expressing his displeasure with reports that safety T.J. Ward is on the outside looking in…

Not surprisingly, Denver Broncos defensive players and teammates of T.J. Ward in general are not happy with the news that the Pro Bowl safety may soon be cut from the team.

It was bad enough that trade rumors had started.

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has taken to social media to express his displeasure over the past couple of days, likely just the tip of the iceberg of what is being said by all of these guys behind the scenes.

Here are a few of his recent tweets:

Obviously the Broncos’ players don’t have control over roster moves, even ones that would really set them off like this one.

Honestly, this seems like a nonsensical move from a team morale standpoint, as the amount of money the Broncos would save toward the cap and move to next year’s cap number would be inconsequential compared to the way this looks for the team as a whole.

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Ward signed a four-year deal in 2014, and he should have a chance to honor those four years based on the way he’s played.

That’s the thinking of Marshall in this case.

Marshall just received a four-year contract from the Broncos last season that paid him $20 million in guaranteed money.

The situation surrounding Ward should not completely mask potentially the true story at the core, which is the fact that second-year safety Justin Simmons is ready for full-time snaps, and combined with Darian Stewart can help the Broncos in coverage more than Ward on the back end.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Broncos have to cut Ward at his very reasonable price, but they could ask him to re-structure a deal. They have asked players with far more clout to bring their cap number down, because of injury, diminished role, or what have you.

Hopefully by the weekend, the ‘five percent’ chance we were given of Ward actually making this roster and not being cut or traded comes to pass. I would hate to see this defense turn against management and lose the amazing chemistry they have together, all for about $4 million.