Reports of Broncos pursuing A.J. McCarron refuted immediately


A rumor involving Cincinnati Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron surfaced on Wednesday morning was quickly refuted among Denver media…

If you like waking up to juicy rumors, you might enjoy this gem that was dropped about the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron:

This report was immediately refuted by multiple members of the Denver media:

McCarron’s stint with the Broncos was brief. About seven minutes to be exact. We won’t soon forget you, A.J.

In all seriousness, the idea that the Broncos would trade for McCarron makes some sense when you consider the reports of average and even bad quarterback play coming out of camp. McCarron has long been rumored a player of interest to NFL teams in a trade, but the cost would potentially be prohibitive considering his experience and ability levels.

McCarron has three starts in his NFL career, including perhaps his best start as a professional in 2015 against the Denver Broncos in a game that DeMarcus Ware took care of in overtime.

The former National Championship winning quarterback at Alabama appears to be on track to be someone’s starting quarterback at some point in the near future. It just depends if the Bengals will hear a price that is to their liking.

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What would the Broncos offer them at this point that would be appealing in a trade?

Denver has some depth at wide receiver, offensive guard, and cornerback, but would this be a player-for-player type of thing, or a draft pick thing?

There are some serious barriers to potentially getting a deal like this done, but McCarron has a very team-friendly contract and has shown in games that he has the ability to be an effective quarterback in this league.

Is he a franchise quarterback?

That’s probably the type of price the Broncos would have to pay.

I’m skeptical of this rumor, but it is interesting to me that someone in the Denver media would essentially stake their reputation on a stupid rumor like this if they didn’t believe it was true.

I suppose we’ll all see what happens in the coming weeks.