NFL scout says Paxton Lynch was miscast with Gary Kubiak’s offense

In an article on Bleacher Report, an NFL scout opined that Paxton Lynch was not a fit for former head coach Gary Kubiak’s offense…

This won’t be ‘new news’ to many Denver Broncos fans, but scouts and pundits around the league are starting to outwardly express the opinion that Paxton Lynch wasn’t necessarily a good fit for Gary Kubiak’s offense.

Of course, that wasn’t necessarily abundantly clear at this point last year, when many fans had hoped to see Lynch running the naked bootleg to perfection, dropping bombs deep downfield to Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders as he helped the Broncos defend their Super Bowl crown.

That, obviously, didn’t happen. The Broncos used a first round pick on Lynch, and gave up a third rounder to move up and get him. He is the player they have identified as a front office to be their franchise quarterback of the future. While Kubiak stepped down at the end of last season for health reasons, there were plenty of football reasons for the Broncos to make a switch also.

Bringing in Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave to teach the quarterbacks and install a new offense that is suited to their skills was of paramount importance to John Elway.

In an article on Bleacher Report, Matt Miller relayed the opinions of a couple of scouts and an anonymous Denver Broncos player. One scout felt like there was no chance for Lynch to adapt quickly to the type of offense Kubiak was asking him to run.

“He just wasn’t ready coming out of college, especially for that offense. He needs to be in the gun and clear to see the field. Can’t be under center running that [Gary] Kubiak scheme,” said one scout who viewed Lynch in college and has watched his rookie film. It’s true that the move to Mike McCoy’s scheme will be better for Lynch, and already folks in Denver are seeing the benefits of that tutelage.

Matt Miller, Bleacher Report

Ready or not, 2017 should be the year for Paxton Lynch. The Broncos went out and hand-picked offensive coaches to help bring him along quickly, and to put him in an offense that best suits his skillset.

Where Kubiak’s offense was complicated, even for Peyton Manning to get ahold of, Mike McCoy’s offense is simpler and more efficient in today’s NFL. Lynch will be able to operate out of the shotgun and use the short passing game as almost an extension of the running game. That will help him get into a rhythm throwing the ball, and I think we’ll see that he’s a perfect fit for this type of offense in a breakout season in 2017.