Denver Broncos: Final 2016-2017 NFL Season Award Predictions

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Jason Garrett: Coach of the Year

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys
NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys /

Think for a minute the pressure Jason Garrett was under naming Dak Prescott as starting quarterback. No coach handled a situation better than Garret with two starters at prominent positions. In a shocking turn, Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot turned in one of the more promising years for a franchise. For a team that scrambled to find a quarterback, it is reaping the rewards of having the best young team in the NFL.

Going into the NFL Draft this year, quarterback was a need for the Cowboys and all indications were they wanted Paxton Lynch badly. They nearly had a deal in place to acquire the ex-Memphis Tiger quarterback, but the Denver Broncos swooped in to agree to a deal and draft Lynch ahead of the Cowboys. The Cowboys were now scrambling and had to wait till the middle rounds to draft Prescott.

Body-size alone, Prescott appears to compare well to Donovan McNabb, but Prescott is making better decisions with the football. This alone is praise to Jason Garrett who is molding an offense comfortable for Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot. The future is Prescott and Elliot, but with Jerry Jones still calling the shots who knows if Romo will see the field this season. In my opinion, it is in the best interest of the Cowboys to keep Prescott/Elliot train moving and not turn to Romo.