Denver Broncos: Final 2016-2017 NFL Season Award Predictions

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Von Miller: Defensive Player of the Year

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos
NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos /

In year’s past it was JJ Watt and no one else contending for the award. After a historic playoff performance and now end of the NFL season, no player has an affect on a game like Von Miller. He finished with 13.5 sacks on the season, but remember Miller is the player that makes everyone around him better, just like a quarterback.

Miller has the quickest first step as a pass rusher, but his addition of the Dwight Freeney spin move makes him close to supernatural. Run defense and pass rushing is his specialty, but he can cover about as well as any linebacker. He has not recorded an interception on the year, but scouts and fans will all remember the interception of Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game. Khalil Mack is a fine player in his own right and changes games from a defensive end, but he is no Watt. Changing the outcomes of games is Miller’s specialty and is potentially the best closer in the NFL.

As stated earlier, a quarterback has tendencies to make everyone around him, but so can a defensive player. Just Miller’s presence on the defense raises the level of play from everyone on the defense. Miller is the Denver Broncos franchise player and John Elway’s first ever draft pick. Safe to say, it is fitting for a player to replace Peyton Manning than Von Miller. He is no locked for the long haul after signing his eye-popping contract extension in the offseason.