Denver Broncos: Top 10 Players of 2016 Season

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Matt Paradis
Matt Paradis /

No. 4 – Matt Paradis

There is no beating around the bush. The Denver Broncos offensive line was putrid. They could not open holes for the running back and had a difficult time stopping the pass rush.

However, there was one player on that line who performed well game in and game out.

That was Matt Paradis.

He has come a long way since being drafted by the Denver Broncos. He started his career on the practice squad.

Gary Kubiak decided to give him a shot to win the starting job and has taken off ever since.

The funny thing about any of the offensive line players is that you don’t really hear much of them unless they are really bad.

Matt Paradis has been playing on a whole new level and for a stretch of time was the No. 1 center according to Pro Football Focus.

He is perhaps the only lineman who’s job will be safe going into training camp.