Denver Broncos: Top 10 Players of 2016 Season

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Derek Wolfe
Derek Wolfe /

No. 5 – Derek Wolfe

The Broncos run defense was perhaps the weakest part of the Super Bowl caliber defense in 2016. But there was one player on that front seven that made an impact.

Derek Wolfe was able to provide Broncos Country with the DEFWU attitude in 2016. Then again, his entire play since he joined the Broncos screams that mentality.

His ability to stop the run is marvelous and he was even able to record 5.5 sacks on the quarterback this season.

Broncos Country was thrilled when he released his “DEFWU” line of clothing. Because in all honesty, that attitude is pretty much what the Broncos defense does in every game.

Derek Wolfe has been one of the most underrated players on the defense for the Broncos. But it is perhaps a good thing he flies under the radar.

Because you never know when he is going to attack the quarterback next. He can strike at anytime.