Denver Broncos Rumors: Tony Romo Interested in Denver?


Current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo appears interested in playing for the Denver Broncos. But are the Broncos on the same page?

The Denver Broncos are entering the offseason in a interesting situation. Gary Kubiak has retired, Vance Joseph is now leading the team, and the team is going into the offseason with some optimism.

It appears as if one player wants to join them in that process.

According to Ian Rapoport, current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s “Number one desired destination for 2017 is the Denver Broncos.”

This is quite an interesting statement. But are the Denver Broncos interested?

Rapoport went on to say that the Broncos are not interested in trading for him.

This makes complete sense. Tony Romo still has three years left on his deal. However, because of how much of a cap hit Dallas would be taking, the Cowboys are not interested in outright releasing him.

And a trade would hurt the Broncos because they would be inheriting the contract, which is $24.7 million next season.

I believe most of the fans for the Broncos would not be interested in this trade.

With two potential quarterbacks in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, I would imagine that they would be happy where they are at.

On the other end of the spectrum, a veteran quarterback could be what the Broncos need.

However, I just do not see the Broncos trading for him.

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His injury history and the fact that the Denver Broncos still need to work on the offensive line is my reasoning.

Another reason why I could not see it working is due to the fact that he is a veteran. He is currently 36 years old and it might not be long now before he calls it a career.

My two cents is just to wait and see what happens. I just do not see the Broncos going for Romo unless he is released first.

Then they might work out a contract. Until then, it looks like this could be a cat and mouse game.