Denver Broncos: Top 10 Defense/Special Teams Plays of 2016

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Broncos Cam Newton
Broncos Cam Newton /

No. 6 – Broncos Terriorize Cam Newton in Crunch Time

In the Super Bowl 50 rematch, the game was closer than the postseason tilt.

Broncos fans will not complain either way. Getting to beat Carolina in February and September is all so sweet.

The Broncos defense brought back old nightmares to Cam Newton’s head.

Chris Harris even helped a bit by making perhaps one of the biggest interceptions early on in the season.

Late in the game, the Broncos provided pressure on Cam Newton with sacks by Todd Davis and Von Miller. Demarcus Ware would record a sack in the second half as well.

The sacks might have helped out as the Panthers could only get to within a 50 yard field goal.

However, Graham Gano missed it wide left and the Broncos would win the rematch.

No. 5 – Darian Stewart’s Big Game vs. New Orleans Saints

One member of the No Fly Zone who does not get a lot of credit is free safety Darian Stewart.

His game against the New Orleans Saints was one to remember for him. In more ways than one.

He intercepted Drew Brees, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, twice in the game and also came away with a fumble recovery.

The third turnover was an exact situation of right place, right time.

His performance in that game earned him a contract extension during the bye week.

Hopefully Darian Stewart can remain with the Denver Broncos for a long time.