Denver Broncos: Top 10 Defense/Special Teams Plays of 2016

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Bradley Roby
Bradley Roby /

No. 8 – Bradley Roby’s Pick 6 vs. Jacksonville

In a game that was won by the defense, it was this play here that put the Broncos ahead for good.

Bradley Roby had himself quite a year in 2016 and should be a vital member of the No Fly Zone for years to come.

On this play, Roby stuck with his wide out as he was crossing the field. Feeling the pressure, Bortles threw the ball.

However, he did not see Roby was following him and easily intercepted it. Once he got past the offensive line, there was nobody that was going to catch him.

The Broncos had to rely a bit on their defense and it showed up big time here.

No. 7 – Von Miller’s Pressure Forces Fumble vs. Jaguars

The Super Bowl 50 MVP showed exactly how disruptive he can be without even getting his hands on the quarterback on this play.

With the Broncos holding on to a seven point lead, Blake Bortles attempted to throw the ball.

However, Von Miller pushed the offensive tackle towards Bortles, which forced him to step up and lose the football.

Shane Ray would recover it and that recovery would be the nail in the coffin for the Jaguars.