Denver Broncos: Top 10 Offensive Plays of 2016 Season

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Trevor Siemian
Trevor Siemian /

No. 10- Emmanuel Sanders Goes 35 Yards For a TD vs. Kansas City

In his biggest game of the 2016 season, Emmanuel Sanders had quite the field day against the Chiefs.

Sadly, the Broncos could not come away with a win as the loss would begin a tough stretch for them. They only won two games after the bye.

But Sanders showed why he got that big time contract in September. He would catch seven passes for 162 yards.

That included a 35 yard touchdown that saw the football drop into Sanders’ hands like a rainbow.

What impresses me the most about Sanders is his ability to get himself open down the field or on a slant play. He is almost like the ultimate weapon for the quarterback.

No. 9- Trevor Siemian scrambles around and finds Jordan Taylor vs. Chiefs

For all of the criticism Trevor Siemian has gotten this season, this is perhaps one of the most athletic plays he had all season.

With the Broncos trailing the Chiefs, Siemian was faced with a third down and goal. He took the snap and could not find his first man.

By then, the Chiefs were bringing the pressure. Somehow, someway, Siemian managed to escape the pressure and what felt like an eternity, he threw the ball right to Jordan Taylor.

He would catch it in the end zone for his second touchdown of his career.