Comparing the Broncos to Other NFL Teams on Fandom’s 250

FanSided released their Fandom 250, ranking the various fan bases into the 250 best ones. Out of all, where do the Denver Broncos stand among the NFL teams?

Have you ever wondered how the fans of Broncos Country stands up to the rest of the more popular fan bases across the globe?

Well, FanSided is here to help you with that.

On Tuesday, FanSided released perhaps one of the biggest lists I have seen in a long time. The Fandom 250.

What is the Fandom 250? It is an ultimate list of fandom rankings. Anything is fair game as well. Sports, entertainment, celebrities, and fans. It is quite the list.

Broncos Country has found themselves at No. 66 among all the fan bases across the world. They are between the Michael Jordan “Jumpman” logo and the Boston Celtics.

They did well considering some of my sports teams and individuals who landed on this list. My two favorite UFC Fighters Conor McGregor (147) and Ronda Rousey (230) made the list as well as my college team, the Oklahoma Sooners (190).

As Sayre Bedinger mentioned, the Denver Broncos faired well on the list.

But how did they fair against other NFL teams?

Well, I took a look at where the other NFL teams were listed on the Fandom 250.

215. Washington Redskins

180. New York Giants

179. Minnesota Vikings

175. New York Jets

173. Cleveland Browns

169. Chicago Bears

149. Philadelphia Eagles

148. Kansas City Chiefs

84. Buffalo Bills

77. Seattle Seahawks

66. Denver Broncos

53. Oakland Raiders

30. New England Patriots

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

21. Green Bay Packers

5. Dallas Cowboys

As a fan, it is disappointing to see your longtime rival Oakland Raiders ahead of you on the list. And having New England in the Top 30 makes me want to cringe.

But with how well their fan bases are, I can’t say that I was surprised.

In fact, the top three NFL teams I am not surprised about at all. The Steelers, Packers, and Cowboys have some faithful followers. Not to mention the three teams have won a total of 15 Super Bowls among them.

Add on the Patriots and Raiders, the five teams ahead of the Broncos have won 22 of the 50 Super Bowls to date.

But Broncos Country’s fans have earned a spot on FanSided’s Fandom 250. That is quite the accomplishment.

I have to say as a fan, I wish they were higher. But the fact that they made the Top 100 of 250 fan bases, it is very exciting to see.

If you want to take a look at the complete list, you can follow the link here.