Denver Broncos: Study the Past If You Would Define The Future

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Broncos offensive line
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When looking at formations teams used quite the variety against the Raiders.  I would say formations depend on the talent of the team. Teams that had 2 decent/good TE’s usually went with bigger formations as it kept the Raiders guessing whether it was a run or pass. Other teams worked to spread them out and test the depth of the CB position. For the Raiders coverage wise they seem to play a lot of Cover-2 with the Corners in Off-Man coverage.  What this allows them to do is play a lot of bend but do not break type defense. They struggled early on in the season with some major miscommunication/blown coverages that lead to some big plays but have for the most part cleaned a lot of that up.

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If I were the Broncos I would try to mix the 2-TE formations in as much as possible. I know we haven’t had much luck finding that 2nd TE but this is the week I am really hoping AJ Derby can be good to go. TE’s so far this year have been a bit of a problem for the Raiders as they have given up 486 receiving yards (6th worst this season) and 5 touchdowns (Tied for 4th worst).  We also then have the added bonus of the team being able to run well out of a bigger formation.

Some of the more prolific passing teams the Raiders have faced have also worked to spread them out.  Sean Smith and David Amerson have done decent since the first 2 weeks of the season.  Behind them has been an inconsistent group. The Raiders when spread out will play a lot more zone coverage to try and help these Corners. So for the Broncos everything depends on match ups they like and even what type of defense they want to see the Raiders play.