Denver Broncos: Study the Past If You Would Define The Future

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The game might come down to the Broncos’ offense vs the Raiders’ defense.  What have other teams done this year to find success against the Raiders’ defense?

There is nothing like a little Confucius to get ready for our biggest game of the year so far. Many in the national media have been focusing on the Broncos defense vs. the Raiders offense. They have good reason as that is the marquee match up of the week.

In games like this though I have found that usually the other side of the ball for each team is who will decide this game. Reviewing the games there are some common themes that show up that other teams have done to exploit some inconsistencies in this Raiders defense.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all that the Broncos should do.  I do think some of these ideas are ones we will see this Sunday as they line up with our strengths of what we like to do on offense. I also want to take a look at some individual match ups that the Broncos must win for our offense to be successful and hopefully lead to a victory.

Trevor Siemian
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Just some quick stats though before I get started to show where their defense is at so far this year.   The Oakland Raiders are ranked 31st in total defense giving up 410.4 yards per game. They rank 27th in the league against the pass giving up 285.4 yards per game. Against the run they are ranked 28th giving up 125 yards per game.

Surprisingly they are only 22nd in points allowed per game at 25.4. I think a big part of that is they have been a very opportunistic defense forcing 13 turnovers so far this season.