Should the Broncos Rest Demaryius Thomas Sunday?

Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas has been battling a hip injury during practice this week. Would the right call be to let him sit for this weekend’s game against the Indianapolis Colts?

For the Denver Broncos, and every other team in the NFL, it is important for star players to be healthy if the team is looking to go far into the season.

One key injury could break a season. And it appears as if the Denver Broncos have a star player injured that could make a huge impact on the team.

Sometime during last Thursday’s season opener against the Carolina Panthers, Demaryius Thomas appeared to have injured his hip. He played the remainder of the game, but has been gingerly practicing all this week.

For the second straight practice, Demaryius Thomas was limited. While the goal is to have him ready for Sunday, should the Broncos look into resting their wide out for this game? I am going to say yes for the following reasons.

With the depth the Broncos have at wide out, the team could afford to have Thomas miss this game. While the situation with Bennie Fowler could change that depending on his status, the Broncos have solid depth at the wide out position.

This would give players like Cody Latimer and Jordan Taylor a chance to shine. I could see Taylor as a big time red zone threat as well as Latimer.

The second reason behind my reasoning to sit Demaryius Thomas is health-wise. As the season goes on, it is going to be of even bigger importance to have those star players ready for the end of the regular season and possibly postseason.

While Demaryius Thomas basically disappeared in the playoffs, it is key for him to be there to have a target for the quarterback. I’d rather have him fully healthy for that time than to have him play a second regular season game, where the season is just starting.

For those two reasons is why I believe that Demaryius Thomas should not play in this weekend’s showdown with the Indianapolis Colts. But it is not my call. Wishing him a quick recovery.