Denver Broncos, Von Miller making significant progress


The Denver Broncos and star pass rusher Von Miller have made significant progress toward a new contract. Will the deal get done this weekend?

If I’ve said it once, It feels like I’ve said it a thousand times. The only sensible solution to the Von Miller situation is to come to an agreement on a long-term deal, or else someone really screwed up. After some Friday evening meetings, Miller and the Broncos went to bed apparently with plenty to think about…

Neither the Broncos or Miller wants to get to the deadline. The Broncos waited until the 11th hour last year to sign franchise player Demaryius Thomas, and while a deal ultimately got done, it’s a situation the Broncos would like to avoid, and so would Miller.

He doesn’t want to risk $60 million-plus just to make the Broncos sweat it out. There is precedence around the league for a deal to get done here, and it’s simply now a matter of Miller’s camp convincing the Broncos to up the guaranteed money enough.

From accounts close to the situation, it sounds like the Broncos have made real progress toward that.

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Miller has been enjoying the spoils of being the Super Bowl MVP this offseason. Any sort of appearance or event he could have been part of, it seems like he’s making himself visible in the entire sports and entertainment world.

It has really been an incredible ascent for Miller since his injury/suspension-plagued 2013 season, where it looked like his future with the Broncos could be in serious jeopardy. After the Broncos brought in DeMarcus Ware to help terrorize quarterbacks and mentor Miller, everything has changed for the better.

With just a few Sundays left before football season begins, and only a couple of weeks until the Broncos hit the field for training camp, it’s apparent that the front office is ready for their star player to be back in the fold.