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Rating All The Denver Bronco Super Bowls – Win or Lose

Feb 5, 2016; San Francisco, CA, USA; General view of Denver Broncos and NFL Wilson Duke Super Bowl 50 logo helmet at the Golden Gate bridge. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 5, 2016; San Francisco, CA, USA; General view of Denver Broncos and NFL Wilson Duke Super Bowl 50 logo helmet at the Golden Gate bridge. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

For you Denver Bronco fans that have been fortunate enough to watch the Broncos live in Denver, Colorado can you hear the game announcer on third down saying “IT’S THIRD DOWN”? Now, imagine the announcer saying “IT’S SUPER BOWL WEEKEND”!  It has been a long two weeks since the Broncos defeated the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship and I am ready for some football…. hopefully, Broncos winning football!  To kill time until Super Bowl 50 starts, I am looking back at the seven Super Bowls when the Broncos represented the AFC and rating them from worst to first!

I have based the ratings below based more on my opinion, feelings and overall emotional impact of each game and not necessarily the entertainment value of the game; let’s face it, if the Broncos lose a game it really isn’t that entertaining is it?  Please feel free to comment – do you agree, disagree, or what do you remember about each game.  Enjoy and Go Broncos

  1. Super Bowl XXIV (January 28, 1990): Denver Broncos 10 / San Francisco 49ers 55

It was easy for me to rank this Super Bowl as the lowest because at this point John Elway was still without a Super Bowl win and each Super Bowl appearance for the Broncos was getting worse – ugh.  I typically don’t ever give up on the Broncos but I remember leaving the Super Bowl party I was at because I literally couldn’t stand to watch the beat down the Broncos received in New Orleans by Joe Montana and the rest of the San Francisco 49ers.

  1. Super Bowl XLVIII (February 2, 2014): Denver Broncos 8 / Seattle Seahawks 43

The Broncos were in this one right up until the first snap of the game, then it was all downhill from there.  Broncos Country will never forget the first play of the game even though they want to – a botched long snap resulting in a safety for Seattle.  Hopefully that game will somehow pay dividends in Super Bowl 50 considering it only occurred two years ago.  Maybe the entire game should be shown to Super Bowl participants as a “what not to do when you get to the big game”!

  1. Super Bowl XXII (January 31, 1988): Denver Broncos 10 / Washington Redskins 42

Similar to Super Bowl XLVIII, the Broncos first offensive play was memorable, but this time in a good way.  After the Broncos defense held the Redskins to three-and-out, John Elway connected with Ricky Nattiel for a 56-yard touchdown pass and a 7-0 lead just under two minutes into the game.  After the first quarter the Broncos held a 10-0 lead and I am sure that Bronco fans were thinking that this may be the year the Broncos finally win a Super Bowl.  Then the second quarter happened and Redskins quarterback Doug Williams became a Super Bowl phenomenon!  Five touchdown passes later the Broncos found them trailing 35-10 at halftime.  Game, set, match!

  1. Super Bowl XXI (January 25, 1987): Denver Broncos 20 / New York Giants 39

Thanks to “The Drive” in Cleveland, the Broncos were back in the Super Bowl and maybe Elway could get his first Super Bowl win!  At halftime the Broncos held a 10-9 lead but 17 unanswered points by the Giants pretty much sealed the Broncos fate.

  1. Super Bowl XII (January 15, 1978): Denver Broncos 10 / Dallas Cowboys 27

I don’t like the saying “just be happy to be there” but I think for Bronco fans, and possibly the team, they were happy to just be there.  I watch footage of that game today and I cringe every time Red Miller tells Bronco players “60 minutes and we’re world champions”…. today I believe the mindset is more of a “one play at a time”.  Don’t ever put the cart before the horse, Red!  I will say to this day, however, that the third quarter touchdown pass from Roger Staubach to Butch Johnson would have never been ruled a catch in today’s NFL.  Oh well, what can you do?!

  1. Super Bowl XXXIII (January 31, 1999): Denver Broncos 34 / Atlanta Falcons 19

Number two on the list only because it wasn’t the Broncos first Super Bowl victory.  Obviously, it is high on the list because the Broncos won, but more memorable is the fact that it was Elway’s last football game and in addition to a Super Bowl win, he walked away from this Super Bowl as a MVP.

  1. Super Bowl XXXII (January 25, 1998): Denver Broncos 31 / Green Bay Packers 24

If you’re a diehard Bronco fan, this will no doubt be your favorite Bronco Super Bowl.  The Broncos entered their fifth Super Bowl 0-4 in the league championship and were underdogs to the defending champions.  Needless to say, tears of joy probably flowed from many Bronco fans eyes when John Mobley knocked down Brett Favre’s fourth down pass attempt, securing the win.  Before that play, however, many memorable moments that will be etched in my mind…. forever:  John Elway’s third-down helicopter run; Terrell Davis and his migraine headache; Ed McCaffrey and his pancake block on Green Bay Packer Brian Williams that allowed Howard Griffith to take a short pass inside the ten yard line, ultimately leading to the go-ahead score; Dave Logan’s radio call at the end of the game when he switched from announcer to fan, and of course, Mr. Pat Bowlen holding the teams very first Lombardi Trophy and saying “This one’s for John”.   Just thinking about that game gives me chills to this day!

So, where on this list will Super Bowl 50 fall?  I REALLY hope it is near the top!

Go Broncos – Beat the Carolina Panthers!