How KC’s win can help the Broncos

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They did it again? Ugh, they did it again..  For the ninth straight game, the Chiefs found a way to sneak by with a win.  It’s not always pretty, but it’s effective.  Kudos to the Chiefs for building on momentum and finding ways to win, but I can’t help but get sick to my stomach when I see them patch together these wins.  Watching the Chiefs on their winning streak has been like watching an average pool player win a bunch of games because his opponent keeps scratching on the 8 ball.

Most of these wins have been about the opponents losing than the Chiefs winning. Their recipe for success is simple- don’t turn the ball over and force turnovers.   Although the Chiefs have been the most consistent AFC West team for most of this season, that doesn’t necessarily translate to postseason success.  Think back to 2013. KC used the same game plan they’ve been using this season as they started that season 9-0. What happened after that? They went on to go 2-5 in their remaining regular season games and blew a 28 point lead against the Colts to be knocked out in the Wild Card round of the playoffs that year.

My point is, don’t freak out Broncos Country if the Chiefs manage to snag the division away from us. In fact, I have three different scenarios in which the Broncos could actually benefit from a Kansas City division title.  Let’s take a look