Peyton Manning accused of HGH use, calls reports ‘garbage’


Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning was named in a report that alleged he used HGH in 2011 following his neck surgery.

Well, it has been a rocky 2015 for Peyton Manning, and it just got rockier.

Reports have surfaced that Manning was part of a drug ring in 2011 and that he received and used HGH after his neck surgery that kept him out all of the 2011 season. He signed with the Denver Broncos in March, 2012.

The Broncos and Manning responded to the report almost immediately, Manning having some very select words for the report itself, calling it ‘garbage’.

There’s no reason for us to believe the report’s word over Manning’s. It’s not that it’s impossible to believe, but he has perhaps been one of the most stand-up guys in league history.

There are a number of other players included in the report, including Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews. The Broncos likely won’t give this much more attention than it deserves, but given what Manning went through at the time of his injury, it wouldn’t be shocking if this were true but we have no reason to believe it is other than the word of some guy against his.

One way or another, this situation is ugly for the Broncos’ organization and has brought attention to the team that nobody wants. He has been an incredible player both on and off the field for the team, but this year, he’s been some sort of distraction, even if he didn’t necessarily want to be.

With his injuries the last two years, the QB controversy, and now this report, Manning’s career in the NFL seems to be taking a turn for the worst. You’d hate to see him go out like this.