Denver Broncos: A Letter to Santa Claus


A letter from a full-grown adult man to a fat man in a red suit, in the hopes of improving the Denver Broncos chances at winning the Super Bowl.

Dear Santa,

I am a desperate Denver Broncos fan. I know this is your busy season, and I recognize that I am probably a little too old to write you a letter, but I figured, “why not?” So, perhaps you can see it in your heart to take some time out from making the children of the world happy, and you could focus on Broncos Country for just a moment.

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We have needs, and time on the season is running short. I am sure you have seen the problems that have befallen the Broncos this season, and I have been a good boy this year, so maybe you can reach into your sack of gifts and help this team out. Besides, the New England Patriots have to be on your naughty list, so you may as well hook us up.

We have just a few simple needs, so my wish list is not huge. However, these would be the things that could only help the Broncos chances at winning a Super Bowl this season.

1. A Better Offensive Line

This request is obvious, and I am not completely sure how you can help, short of magically making the interior line better. However, the problems for this team seem to stem from a completely inept run blocking scheme, and a weak pass protection. I hate to say this, but John Elway and Gary Kubiak put too much faith in their young talent, and passed spending on the top veterans out there. Ask Arizona how they feel about Mike Iupati.

2. A Real Running Attack

CJ Anderson and Ronnie Hillman are not bad, but they are not great either. Their issues probably come from the difficulties in front of them, but what happened to the running attack that ruined the Patriots perfect season. It looked like Anderson was ready to be the feature back, allowing Hillman to be the dynamic change of pace he should be. Better blocking could be the answer, but something has to change if the Broncos are going to win it all.

3. Wide Receivers That Can Catch

Who turned the hands of the wide receivers into bricks? Demaryius Thomas was the big offseason issue, and now he can’t catch a cold. I can drop the ball for half of what he is making. Think of what the Broncos could do with that salary cap space. And Thomas is not even the most egregious offender. Vernon Davis may be the biggest disappointment of the season. When he does catch the ball his first step is alway backward. Although, usually you can count on him to just drop it. He looked like a scared little school girl against Pittsburg. Unacceptable. Can you help with that?

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  • 4. Better Halftime Adjustments

    This could be the most surprising of needs this season. The Broncos come out in the third quarter and look inept. How is this possible. The Pittsburg game was infuriating, and the Oakland game was shocking. The third quarter is the most important quarter in football, and Denver is losing that quarter consistently. Gary Kubiak is proving to be terrible at halftime adjustments, and that is a season killer. Maybe just give him better ideas.

    5. A Healthy Peyton Manning

    This may cause some arguments in Broncos Country, but I think a healthy Manning is still the best chance for Denver to win it all. I know we are getting one more week of Brock Osweiler, and that is fine, but if you could see it in your heart to just help Manning heal up for the playoffs, that would be the best gift of all. I know he is immobile, and he hates the offense that Kubiak wants to run, but I just can not believe that these two offensive minds are incapable of making something work. The best chance is Manning at quarterback. One last run for glory.

    Santa, I know you are busy. And I know you are probably less inclined to look at the wish list of a full-grown adult male. But I also know you are a Broncos fan. If you could see it in your heart to give us this one gift, I would be forever grateful.


    Adam Malnati and Broncos Country

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    Dec 20, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas (88) and quarterback Brock Osweiler (17) celebrate after combining for a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the first quarter at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports