Broncos vs Pats: Tj’s Tirade


Sunday evening was one of the wildest, most frigid nights of my life. Brady and the Pats come into Denver still unblemished at 10-0 just demolishing opponents left and right.  Belichick and Brady lead teams were 12-0 all time coming into Denver in games where it snows and 45-7 all time when the temperature drops below 40.

A Bronco team with a new face at the helm in Osweiler and a perennial Hall of Famer sitting out due to injury, no one could foresee the outcome. To recap quickly, New England had two 14 point leads throughout the contest (14-0 and 21-7) , both of these leads were blown down the stretch as the Broncos took their first lead at 24-21 with under two minutes to play. Patriots hopefuls once again relied on a clutch drive from Brady and a clutch boot from Gostkowski to get them into overtime tied at 24.

A walk off touchdown run from CJ Anderson sent the Patriots and chilly Patriot faithful back to Boston stunned and SALTY .

30-24 Broncos final.

I went into hibernation to let the result of the game settle in and to see reactions all over the country. I continue to be mind blown by so many people and their opinions.

With all this said,  its time for me to rant.

Patriot fans, you’re first.

Referees do not decide games, unless the replacement refs game can be used as an example do not blame the refs of the Broncos Pats games for Patriots demise. Yes, the refs missed a hold on Talib, yes, there was a lot of physical play happening, but the Patriots have been on the right side of those calls majority of the year. If you’re going to blame the refs for a few calls fine, blame your defense for giving up a 48 yard walk off touchdown to CJ Anderson to end the game.

Blame the young punt returner who muffed a punt that changed the entire flow and momentum of the game. Hang on to the ball and the refs calls may never have mattered.

Blame your defense for giving up TWO different 14 point leads during the span of the game. Place blame on things that are controllable. The referees are part of the game and mistakes will be made, but crying and pouting on social media saying “it took overtime and the referees to finally beat the Patriots” is just laughable. Denver scored 24 points in regulation, with a back up QB.


Injuries are a part of the game. Many Broncos faithful complained about not having a healthy starting QB legend in Peyton Manning or the absence of Ware and losses of Sylvester Williams and T.J. Ward. This pales in comparison to the complaints about Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Jamie Collins, and the late game injury to Rob Gronkowski. Yeah the Patriots were beat up, there is no denying that, but what team isn’t beat up at this stage of the season? Stop making excuses.

New England, please, be thankful you have a history of clutch kickers. The game may have never even gotten to overtime if it wasn’t for Brady driving down the field with a minute left and Gostkowski never missing a kick.

Nov 29, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski (3) makes a game tying field goal during the second half as Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib (21) looks on at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Broncos won 30-24. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos fans, I implore you to stop being so hasty.

Calling it quits on a legend and asking for Peyton to throw in the towel because Osweiler is 2-0 as a starter is blasphemy. Brock has proven to be a capable starting quarterback in the NFL through 2 games, there is no denying that at this point, but take a step back and really ask yourself if a healthy Peyton Manning wouldn’t be the best option.

Manning very possibly may not have been healthy for one snap since the first game of the season. A daunting amount of turnovers has hurt the Broncos to a 7-2 record while Peyton has been at the helm. I repeat 7-2. The age argument is real and may be another reason for some of Peyton’s poor play, but Manning can bring a Lombardi trophy to Denver because of his smarts and football IQ. If Manning is not healthy for the rest of the year then fine, Brock n’ Roll. If Peyton regains strength and is absolutely 100 percent, you want one of the best ever leading your team in the postseason. Please stop being naive.

All of this being said, I would like to give Brock the credit he deserves. Two weeks ago I thought Denver was doomed because Osweiler had the “career backup” feel to me, but he just beat the best QB in NFL history on Sunday Night Football.

*Golf Clap* for number 17 in Broncos Country.

Bronco faithful — an alarming stat that will warm you inside: Over Brady’s illustrious career he has faced 15 teams 5 more or more times posting a losing record against only one, Denver at 5-6. The Broncos better hope somehow the Patriots end up playing in Sports Authority Field in the postseason…

Last but not least, NFL fans as a whole.

The best part about football is not Draft Kings or FanDuel, it’s the physical aspect of the game that no other sport can match. So many people are up in arms about the low hit on Gronk late in the Sunday night game, and that friends, was a clean hit. All of the rules in place to protect QB’s and defenseless receivers have changed the game drastically and made playing defense so much harder.

If fans are going to complain about a Safety going high on a QB or a receiver because of concussions, fine, but to try to penalize or fine players for going low and making sound tackles on the legs of a player is mind blowing. If the NFL puts regulations on tackling below the knees this gives a defender the abdomen region to tackle someone properly with fear of Targeting and 15 yard personal fouls still in place.

In the good ol’ days of football, any tackle was fair game. Can we all agree thats what football is all about?! Keep the players safe, thats fine, but let the hard hitting continue to keep the NFL incomparable to other professional sports.

I now have carpal tunnel, but we can all agree as fans of the sports, we cannot wait for a Patriots and Broncos rematch.