What is wrong with Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas?


Is something wrong with Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, who had possibly the worst game of his career against the New England Patriots?

The Denver Broncos were certainly elated at the result of Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots, but it was a night to forget for wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. Thomas had just one catch — albeit a humongous play on the go-ahead drive in the 4th quarter — in an otherwise miserable game.

In fact, Thomas has really struggled since Brock Osweiler took over at the quarterback spot, despite a really nice catch and run for his second touchdown of the season.

You didn’t read that wrong, either. We’re through 11 games and Demaryius Thomas has just two touchdown grabs.

In his last two games, Thomas has been targeted 21 times and has hauled in just four passes.

So what’s going on with DT? The Broncos signed him to a massive contract extension this offseason, essentially cementing his role as the leader of this offense for the foreseeable future, and he was playing uninspired football against New England to say the very least.

Cris Collinsworth, as much flak as he catches from the viewers of Sunday Night Football, played the receiver position and knows a thing or two about what Thomas is trying to do out there. He was repeatedly making comments about Thomas not coming back to the ball, or running the wrong option on routes where there was miscommunication between he and Brock Osweiler.

It’s not like Logan Ryan was providing incredible coverage, even though he did a great job. It seemed like Thomas wasn’t really trying that hard, which is easy for me to say as a couch observer. I’m sure there are a number of circumstances that led to the night he had and the pair of games he’s had.

Still, it was frustrating to watch Thomas struggle the way he did. Not since the Green Bay game has he eclipsed 100 yards receiving. He has scored one touchdown since the Broncos’ week three victory in Detroit. He’s still obviously a great player, but is something going on with Thomas?

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We might not ever know.

What we do know is he needs to pick up his play on the field. He needs to stop letting passes hit him in the hands. He needs to use his body better in one-on-one situations and be more physical. He needs to exert himself over defensive backs who simply aren’t as good at football as he is and give Brock Osweiler the number one target he needs to succeed and take this team far in the playoffs.

It was as though Osweiler was playing with just nine other guys Sunday night, at least until Thomas made the play he did in the fourth quarter.

That one catch eased the worry of some fans, but Thomas’ last two games have been serious cause for concern. He’s dropping passes at a high rate, and on an option route in the red zone where Brock Osweiler thought he was going to cut outside, it looked like DT was lacking enthusiasm and perhaps due to frustration with himself.

We all know what kind of player Thomas is capable of being, so here’s hoping he gets out of this funk and provides the offense with an added spark that only he can bring.