Broncos signing QB Christian Ponder, big questions need answers


According to NFL Network, the Denver Broncos are signing QB Christian Ponder to back up Brock Osweiler and Trevor Siemian.

Well, it’s almost official, Broncos fans…

This signing raises some interesting questions that need answering, even though this seems like a pretty mundane mid-season move.

1. Will Ponder be the backup, or the backup to the backup?

That question seems to have been answered before anyone really had to ask…

2. What does this mean about Peyton Manning’s health — everything, or nothing?

My guess here is that signing Ponder has everything to do with Manning’s health and very little to do with what the team feels about Trevor Siemian at this point, because the team is now Brock Osweiler’s.

Manning went to North Carolina this past week for a second opinion on his foot injury, and came back in a walking boot and news broke on Tuesday that he would be out for at least the next two games. The Broncos could likely get by with Osweiler and Siemian for just two games, right?

So why sign Christian Ponder if Manning was just going to be coming back in a couple of weeks? Are you really that desperate for a veteran option in that short of a timeframe, or is the timeframe more blurry than initially thought?

I’m not going to speculate on the severity of Manning’s injury, but this type of move would seem to indicate a more extended absence for no. 18. You don’t just carry four quarterbacks unless there’s something going on.

3. Why sign Ponder if you’re confident in Osweiler/Siemian?

The answer to this is pretty simple — the Broncos need a veteran backup option for the young, inexperienced Osweiler, who has no real NFL starting experience (though he’s off to a good start as the reigning AFC offensive player of the week).

Trevor Siemian showed promise in the pre-season and training camp with some nice plays but he’s still really raw, and also is roughly a year removed from major knee surgery.

Ponder isn’t the greatest QB of all-time, but he’s a guy who has started games in the NFL and offers at least that much.

4. Will John Elway give Ponder the number 7?