Report: Broncos placed a waiver claim on QB Jimmy Clausen


Jimmy Clausen, who was claimed on Tuesday off of waivers by the Baltimore Ravens, was apparently also claimed by the Denver Broncos, per Mike Klis.

The Broncos have a hurting quarterback in Peyton Manning. It’s apparently much worse than we thought.

According to Mike Klis’ report, they put in a waiver claim on former Bears QB Jimmy Clausen, and missed out on his services because the Baltimore Ravens got to him first.

Clausen has started games for the Bears in Jay Cutler’s stead, and this past weekend had a front row seat to the Broncos’ victory in Chicago on the sideline. He very nearly traded teams less than two days later.

This waiver claim (and a bit of news about Christian Ponder that you can read about on our site) is a clear indication to me that Peyton Manning’s health is not where anyone thinks it might actually be. There were reports on Tuesday that he’ll now be out for at least the next two games…

Holy snot balls, Batman…

This is actually Brock Osweiler’s team. Given the reaction to Peyton Manning’s injury and trip to North Carolina to see a foot specialist, it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning to the field anytime soon.

Thus proving that this coaching staff and training crew had the guts to do this season what someone wasn’t able to last year. We’ll be seeing at least two more weeks of Brock Osweiler, but if we’re honest, it’s going to likely be more than that.