Broncos Power Rankings: Week 10 Edition


Nov 8, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) gets sacked by Indianapolis Colts defensive end Kendall Langford (90) at Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis defeats Denver 27-24. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A tough loss to swallow for the Denver Broncos over the weekend as the Indianapolis Colts gave the Broncos their first tally in the loss column at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The fact that they only have one loss through the first half of the season is a solid feat. Only once in franchise history had they started the season 7-0. We all know how that season went. But it is time to look past the loss and get ready for Kansas City.

How did the three key football sites rank the Broncos this week on their Week 10 Power Rankings? In my opinion, they were quite generous. All three of them (ESPN, NFL Network, and the MMQB) ranked the Broncos in the same spot. So, let’s take a look at where they stand after nine games. Elliot Harrison Drops The Broncos to No. 4

Harrison noted in his Power Rankings (and this will probably be a popular theme for the other two rankings) that the defense was the reason behind the Broncos’ first loss of the season. With the mental errors and costly penalties, I will say that is fair that the Broncos are at this point.

One thing to note in the game on Sunday is that the Colts had seven first downs via a Broncos penalty. That is not a good thing for the defense as it is their job to get the offense off the field and not give their opponents extra plays on the drive.

Harrison notes that the injury to Demarcus Ware played a huge difference in the game, and I will agree to that. The Broncos, who seemed to find momentum after the punt return, lost the big time playmaking of the veteran.

ESPN- Broncos Drop To No. 4

Like Harrison, ESPN dropped the Broncos to No. 4. And just like Harrison noted, ESPN noted about the Broncos defense.

They state, “The Broncos’ defense looked mortal on Sunday, and it led to a loss.” They also note how the Broncos, for some reason, treated the running game like it was a plague. The Broncos only had 35 yards rushing on Sunday. That is insane seeing as how the Broncos had 160 yards on the ground against the Packers on November 1st.

I wonder what caused them to abandon the running game against the Colts. I suppose sometimes you never know what game you will get from the Broncos. Hopefully they return to the Week 8 performance next week.

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The MMQB- Broncos Sit at No. 4

Starting to see the trend here? Peter King also places the Broncos at number four. And the other occurring theme is that they are behind the last three undefeated teams in the NFL. (Panthers, Bengals, and Patriots)

However, King does note one big detail. With Ware expected to miss some time due to re-injuring his back, he believes that we should all keep an eye on Shaquil Barrett.

This shows that Barrett is getting some recognition on the Broncos this season. He is excelling at the game right now in his limited role. We got to see him in an extended role against the Browns and he rose to the challenge. I look forward to what he can do in another extended role.

What do you think about the Broncos position in the Power Rankings? Let me know below. Go Broncos!