Dear Broncos Defense: Clean Up the Penalties


Nov 8, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts receiver Griff Whalen (17) is tackled by a group of Denver Bronco defenders in the first half at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Broncos Country got to sleep after the first loss of the season, we can all now begin to talk about the game that happened on Sunday November 8th, 2015.

For the Broncos, there were a few positives of the game. You had Omar Bolden provide the spark the team needed with the first special teams touchdown of the 2015 season, you can add the two touchdown passes from Manning that went to Sanders and Daniels.

You can also add that the Broncos offense never gave up despite the first half performance. There are still some positives to take out of the game. As for the negatives, the only negative thing I saw from the team was the two interceptions by Manning and the play of the defense.

Which leads me to this. I do not care that Andrew Luck was able to scramble, the fact that he was able to escape pressure, or the fact that the Colts converted 12 third downs. One thing comes to my mind. And all of Broncos Country is asking this of the Broncos defense.

Clean up the penalties. The reason I bring this point up is that this has been an issue for the defense all season long, not just in the Indianapolis game. Although, I am sure all of the fans can agree that the penalties showed their ugly heads over the weekend.

I will say, in my opinion, the hit on T.Y. Hilton by T.J. Ward did not look dirty at all. It appeared as if Ward hit Hilton in between the numbers according to the Instagram post Ward posted after the game.

And I will try to bite my tongue on the whole “the referee’s call everything on the Broncos and miss calls on their opponents.”

Yes, there were some calls that were questionable on both sides of the ball. But when a player commits a penalty that costs them a chance to at least send the game into overtime, maybe even win, it upsets me.

Whatever Aqib Talib’s motive was for the eye poke, or if it was just an accident, he has got to keep his head cool in pressure situations. The penalty happened with plenty of time left on the clock.

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I understand defending a teammate, but if he doesn’t do that, the Broncos have a really good chance of winning the game. The penalty occurred before the two minute warning after a second down play. The Broncos just needed to hold them off on third down and seven yards to go.

The penalties need to stop. Is there a way to play smash mouth football and have that kicking and screaming mentality for the defense without giving the opposition extra yards? I believe so. It is up to the Broncos to find that out.

And relax Broncos fans, it is only the first loss of the season. I learned that it is how a team responds after a loss is how things will be going forward. We are still bleeding orange and blue, and that is all that matters. Go Broncos!