Broncos TE Vernon Davis ‘speechless’ with excitement at trade


The Denver Broncos acquired tight end Vernon Davis from the San Francisco 49ers, and it was an absolutely thrilling development for the two-time Pro Bowl tight end, a former 1st round pick of the Niners.

He joined 104.3 FM The Fan on Monday in Denver, and talked about his impending move to Denver.

“I’m excited man, I’m just super excited to be a part of the Broncos family. I’m just speechless right now, man. I’m beyond excited,” Davis said of his being traded to Denver.

“All I could think about was Peyton Manning. that’s all I could think about. My dream — not knocking any of the quarterbacks I’ve had in previous years (Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, those guys — those guys were amazing, those guys were awesome). It’s just something about Peyton Manning. I’ve always been a fan of his — I love the way he plays the game. His attitude, his approach — everything about it. It’s just pretty special to me, and it’s rare to find a talent like him. It’s just a beautiful opportunity to be part of this with him.”

Davis is clearly thrilled beyond our comprehension to be part of the Denver Broncos at this point. The Broncos needed someone to come in and provide the athleticism that he has at the tight end position that can both play in line and out wide, something they have clearly missed this season. The Broncos won’t have to stop using Owen Daniels or Virgil Green by any means, but Davis can provide the type of playmaking ability needed to stretch the field, to give the team that ‘third’ option on third downs and red zone opportunities, and bring a dynamic element back to Denver’s offense.

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We all probably hate to admit this, but losing Julius Thomas — whether or not he was on the roster — was a huge detriment to this team. The Broncos’ offense succeeded with four legitimate options to catch passes as well as a 5th from the running back spot. Peyton Manning has been limited this season with more limited options.

Athletically, Davis is a huge upgrade and will be someone teams have to account for in key situations, and will free things up for Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

Broncos fans should be excited about this move, because Davis has been playing in a really frustrating situation since 2013 where he had 13 touchdown catches. That player has seemingly disappeared, but everyone on the 49ers’ offense has suffered, including Colin Kaepernick who has been absolutely horrible.

Now Davis is rejuvenated, playing in an offense that is well-suited to his skills, and has a renewed motivation with an actual opportunity to win.

Ironically, the ultimate goal for Davis now will be to get himself back to San Francisco, which is hosting the Super Bowl this year.