Broncos smash Packers — here’s a passionate reaction


As I sit here watching a replay of the Broncos vs. Packers game, admiring the greatness of what I sat in awe of on Sunday night, I can’t help but want to speak freely for a bit.

The Broncos took a bye week last week, and in a way, so did I. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like sharing my opinion with Broncos fans. In fact, for what I was reading on my timeline, I was embarrassed even for a slight bit at the sector of Broncos country that was verbally berating our beloved boys in blue.

It’s weird — you don’t expect to go into a Denver Broncos game in primetime hoping that your fellow Broncos Country-men and women get to eat a healthy helping of crow.

I went into a self-imposed silence. I just sat back and watched Twitter wars exchanged between the accused Peyton Manning apologists, the newfound Brock Osweiler support system, and the other percentage of fans who were blatantly ignoring the fact that in Denver resides the best defense in all of football.

And you’ve heard me saying that since the beginning of the year.

Not only is this the best defense in Denver history, it’s the best in the NFL today by a mile. Not just 5,279 feet — all 5,280 feet. This is a great football TEAM, and that was lost on a lot of fans. If you don’t think that was the case over the last two weeks, then I hate to break it to you, but it was you — is you — who’s the problem here.

What? An NFL team can’t win games with big defensive plays? You’ve never seen a Super Bowl caliber team with a struggling offense? You’ve never seen a defensive oriented team win big football games?

I don’t think the majority of Broncos country gave this team a chance in a game against the Packers, where Peyton Manning and the offense were masterful. A game where the defense stepped up to the tune of holding Aaron Rodgers to 77 — seventy-seven — yards passing with no touchdowns, three sacks, and six hits.

This team balled out, and you were so pessimistic going into the game, I am not sure if you even deserved to enjoy it.

I couldn’t have been more ecstatic when the Broncos were 6-0, and even if they were lucky to be so, you had pundits on major sports networks — looking at you, ESPN, you absolute joke — literally laughing at the Broncos and Peyton Manning over the last two weeks.

We saw polls created — specifically to demean the Broncos — asking which undefeated team was the worst, because you knew people would walk into that trap and vote for the team in Denver.

Heck, you might have thought the Broncos were 0-6 if we hadn’t all seen with our own eyes what had actually happened on the field, how this team came up huge with defensive prowess and the offense has made big plays this season — consistently — when the team needed it the most.

But because the Broncos haven’t been carried on the back of Peyton Manning, we were all supposed to believe it was a fluke. We were all supposed to believe Manning should at least consider relinquishing his starting duties and letting the Broncos move on before it was too late to do so.

We had heard every stupid idea and suggestion under the sun and what gave anyone the right for that kind of free reign over this Broncos team?

Major media outlets want to continue to push the agenda that Tom Brady and the Patriots are on some unstoppable revenge tour, but while they stood up on their pedestal giggling and having a great old time, they heard the loud noise of the Denver Broncos making the statement of the NFL season so far on Sunday night.

The Broncos absolutely slaughtered the Green Bay Packers, and for the first time all season, no one can think of any excuse why it happened. Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, and Randall Cobb were healthy and playing. Clay Matthews was healthy and leading the Packers’ defense to one of its most successful seasons in recent years.

This Green Bay team came into Denver hoping for an upset, but the Broncos — dressed in the same uniforms they wore when they won the most important game in this franchise’s history — would have none of it.

Peyton Manning and the offense came out of the bye week with a chip on their shoulders. Manning says he doesn’t care what the media says. The Broncos have been going about their business all along like things would come together, but the fans weren’t willing to be patient.

With a full week of practice as a full unit, and one of the unluckiest weeks in football injury-wise that saw the Broncos come away unscathed, this team slapped the goofy, unflappable smile off the Patriots’ face and sent a message to the Bengals in Cincinnati — what you see in Denver is not a fluke.

You better pay attention.