Broncos trade rumors: Best time to deal for TE is now


It’s getting closer and closer to the NFL’s trade deadline, which means the Broncos trade rumors are starting to heat up a little bit. Even if they’re fan-created, it’s fun to take a look at what might be some beneficial trades to the Broncos, as this team is clearly in need of a little bit of a jolt offensively and there could be some ‘bigger’ names available.

With the team’s biggest need being a seam-stretching tight end, it’s interesting that some names that have been thrown out in trade rumors at this point have been guys like Vernon Davis, Jared Cook, and Martellus Bennett.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and talk about the Broncos like they’re a team that needs to be ‘fixed’ at this point, even though the offense has been in a bit of a shambles. This video at Bleacher Report talks about the Broncos as if they are a 2-4 team, and if you didn’t know any better, you might think the Broncos were one of the worst teams in the league the way people have been talking about them.

Of the names mentioned above, the one that really makes sense for the Broncos to pursue is Vernon Davis, though Jared Cook is probably the best player of the group.

Financially, it doesn’t make any sense to try and trade for Cook and then bring him in and try and re-structure a contract. That would be nearly impossible, especially since the younger Cook has no reason to re-work his deal he signed with St. Louis. It would have to be another team with more cap space that trades for Cook.

It’s unclear whether or not the Bears would be willing to part with Martellus Bennett, but he has a contract that is also not overly favorable to the Broncos in a potential trade.

Like I said, the one that makes some sense is Vernon Davis, who has battled injuries through his career and hasn’t been the same player since 2013. Still, he’s a big name and a guy that could potentially come in and help the Broncos. Denver just has to find out if it would be worth the price.

At this point, the 49ers aren’t going to get much for Vernon Davis, but it could be better than whatever compensatory pick might come their way in 2017, if any at all.

The Broncos have motivation to make a trade after Owen Daniels has averaged under 7 yards per catch and Virgil Green continues to not really be utilized in the offensive game plan, despite showing some nice work in the preseason and at the end of last season working deeper downfield.

We’ll see if the Broncos feel like the TE position is in a position that they need to bring in a player like Vernon Davis. It would be an exciting name to pick up, but is Davis really an upgrade for this offense?

If the Broncos are going to make that kind of a move, the time to do it is now. They are on their bye week and could offer a player like Davis ample time to adjust to the new offense and terminology, and to get on the same page as Peyton Manning.

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