Uptight: How TE’s can help the Broncos offense

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Despite the fact that the Broncos currently sit atop the tall thrown of the AFC West with a sterling 5-0 record, there is the lingering question that still begs every fan to ask… What is the problem with this offense? With revered offensive minds like Peyton Manning, Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison sharing the same sideline, you would think that offensive sparks would fly.

To many Broncos fans, there was no doubt that this offense would be a dominant unit for the fourth straight season, despite the change in philosophy.  The effective running scheme that Kubiak/Dennison bring to the table mixed with Manning’s passing expertise should have combined for high scoring bliss.  So what’s the problem?

Quite frankly, I think the appropriate answer to that question is “what isn’t the problem” with this offense.  Outside of Manning’s slip in production, a jumbled offensive line, indecisive running game and and occasionally stone handed receiving core all are equal to blame for the offensive ineptitude up to this point.  Many had hoped the far different offensive philosophies could find a common ground, but those expectations have currently fallen short.  In order for this offense to have a chance at stability, a compromise must be found between the two factions.

Although the running game has been left with much criticism, I believe it’s the lack of production from another skill position that has hampered this offense’s potential.  The tight end position is one that is held in great regard in Kubiak’s offenses. Even though the emphasis is leaning towards a strong running game, tight ends in the Kubiak offense are given chances to be efficient playmakers as well.

On the flip side, Manning’s offense have always reserved a spot for a playmaking tight end (Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme and Julius Thomas).  In an offense that is in desperate need of harmony, maybe it’s the tight end position that could give us the best way to find balance in the offense.  With that said, I’m going to take a look at the Broncos tight end group and see how each one of them could factor into this offense.

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