Denver Broncos Post-game quotes vs. Vikings


The Denver Broncos won a hard-fought battle with the Minnesota Vikings 23-20 on Sunday afternoon to improve to 4-0 on the season. Here are some of the best post-game quotes from each team.

Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak

“I think we played a really good football team today. We did some things, for us, that kept them in the game and that helped them. I think we knew it was going to be a grind. I think we’re improving in a lot of areas. We obviously need to protect the ball better, but I think we are improving. We improved today offensively running the ball. We had a new lineup up front, so I’m proud of the way those guys played. We’re putting together some big drives at the right time. Then defensively, we gave up some big drives. We gave up that 98-yard drive that got them back in the game, but then we come back and make the next play. We’re finding a way as a team, but yeah, you’re right. There are a lot of things that need to improve.”

“The thing that I love about the football team is I think it has the belief that it’s going to find a way. It’s going to find a way to make a play or win the football game. Obviously, they had a lot of momentum going once they had made the big play. It looks like we’re going to go right back down the field. We turn the ball over, but yet we come right back. I think we had what, about a six-minute drive there at the end of the game or a five-minute drive to hopefully put the game away and had a chance to put the game away. I think we’re responding in the right situations. We need to respond consistently through the course of the football game, but that is the NFL. You’re going to play in a lot of close football games and you better know how to win those. I think right now we feel like we can win all kind of ways. We’re also very humble. Our locker room is very humble in understanding that we have a long way to go and a lot to improve upon.”

QB Peyton Manning (on throwing interceptions)

“You have to have a short-term memory in this league as a quarterback and certainly as a defensive back if you get beat for a touchdown. We had two disappointing turnovers there and one was before the half that led to a touchdown for them. Another one we were backed up and allowed them to tie the game, not backed up necessarily, but it gave them good field position and allowed them to tie the game. On both occasions, we responded the next series’ with scoring drives. One was a touchdown drive to start the second half. At the end of the game, we got a field goal for the lead and ran off enough clock to put Minnesota in a hurry-up tempo in their last drive and our defense was able to stop them.”

(On throwing to a wide open receiver, like he did to Owen Daniels on a 4th down touchdown)

“I’m telling you, I’d rather throw it in between two guys probably than have that wide open one. You see it too many times, just don’t miss a layup, as they say. I think it’s all on the receiver as well because it’s an easy one to lose your concentration on.”

Safety T.J. Ward

(On the game-sealing sack/fumble)

“They had a stack alignment. We had been playing a lot of man coverage so I tried to show that to [TE Kyle] Rudolph and at the last minute I tried to move outside and came around the edge and the tackle missed me, so I snuck up under there and got to Bridgewater.”

CB Chris Harris Jr.

(On the Vikings as a whole and what it means to win against them)

“It was definitely a team win. Anytime you can win, I mean that team, they have to be a playoff team. They have to be close. Bridgewater, he has definitely improved. He’s one of the better young quarterbacks. That was a great team win.”

RB Ronnie Hillman

(On the running backs needing a big game this week)

“Yeah, you always feel like you need something to spark the running game. This week it was just that me and C.J. [Anderson] got tired of everyone trying to tell us that we can’t run the ball. It was just our time.”

ILB Brandon Marshall

(On holding Adrian Peterson under 100 yards rushing)

“Yeah. That’s what we worked on all week. We knew that the offense starts with #28 (Peterson). They want to get him the rock and establish the run. They want to set the tone of the game and be physical with us and we were physical with them. Them hitting that 48-yard run: that wasn’t them out-hitting us or out-physicalling us. We just had bad assignments.”

OLB Shane Ray

(On his first NFL sack)

“I think that it’s what I’ve been saying since the preseason. It’s just me taking steps. Every week, I want to be better than I was the week before and to just take advantage of every opportunity that I get. I was able take advantage on one today and get a sack. It felt good and now I just feel like there are more to come. I need to take more steps.”

Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater

(His assessment of the game)

“Tough loss today on the road. We knew coming to here, it was going to be a battle, a four-quarter game. We knew it was going to be a physical game. We did a great job of executing and playing fast today, but we know that in these kind of games, we have to be nearly perfect to win these games. Hats off to Denver. They’re a great defensive team, a great offensive team and they play well at home.”

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