NFL Mock Draft: Broncos take Ohio St. QB Cardale Jones


It’s never too early for mock drafts. The NFL season and college season are really just getting underway, but it’s fun to look at the ‘what if’ scenarios and try and project team needs, interesting player fits, and see what might happen., one of the great sites in the FanSided network, has recently put out a mock draft with the Broncos picking 30th overall (hey, that’s nice, but two spots higher would be best) and they have them taking a quarterback to replace Peyton Manning.

The pick is Cardale Jones, the national champion quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Urban Meyer. It wouldn’t be the first time in this decade the Broncos have taken a former Meyer product in the latter portion of the first round…

That said, this pick would both excite and scare the daylights out of me. Jones is a phenomenal athlete with one of the best arms in college football. He is charismatic, tough, a great runner with the football, and has sort of a Jameis Winston type of personality to him. I really like Cardale Jones.

That being said, he scares me as a player. The sample size is small, and while it was amazing in 2014 when the Buckeyes were racing to a National Title, it’s been pretty below average so far in 2015. Here’s what writer Jonah Tuls had to say about the selection…

His last sentence really says it all. If Jones pans out, he would be an insane value pick at #30 overall. If he busts, it would really suck for Denver because the thought of them taking a QB in the 1st round pretty well implies they are not keeping Osweiler around after this season.

There will be some interesting scenarios coming up for the Broncos this year, but one thing that wouldn’t shock me at all would be to see them as active participants on the trade/free agent market for a veteran quarterback this offseason, or they could pull off something similar to the Redskins/Falcons and trade up into the top half of the draft for a top level QB prospect.

It will be another fascinating offseason in Denver, even more so if they end up with Cardale Jones (who I think they could get in the 2nd round).

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