Broncos Power Rankings: Denver drops despite epic comeback


Power rankings are certainly one of the most meaningless lists on the internet every week, yet we continue to hoot and holler over them as if they actually give the Denver Broncos a better or worse chance at winning a Super Bowl.

I don’t care at all about power rankings across the web, but I do care about respect for my team. I think these power rankings lists are a direct reflection of how much the national media respects certain teams, and the Broncos are getting very little respect. After coming in atop Peter Kings’ top 15 teams in the league after week 1, a (stronger) week 2 performance dropped them to 3rd.

ESPN is trolling the Broncos

Whatever. If ESPN thinks the Steelers are better than the Broncos right now, they are insane. Can anyone slow down the Antonio Brown-Big Ben combo? I don’t know, did we all miss their week 1 embarrassment against the Patriots?

I’ll grant the Packers and Cardinals have maybe had more ‘impressive’ wins than the Broncos and the Patriots are the undefeated returning champions**. ESPN is so annoying  to me lately. is trying to be cool

Wow, the Broncos are up FOUR spots on’s rankings from last week?! That’s awesome!

Oh wait…that means they were 9th after their week 1 performance at home against Baltimore. I can’t say I blame people for not liking the offense. I also like that they threw shade on C.J. Anderson, who is a great guy and could destroy the person who wrote this (Elliot Harrison).


I’m really annoyed by all the power rankings. They don’t matter, but everyone reads them, so we report about them. It’s fun to at least throw some shade at people who diss the Broncos. It’s sad to see that none of these fools are eating crow for their week 1 comments, however. It seems they’re digging their heels in deeper.

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