Broncos-Chiefs Game Thread


Thanks for joining us at Predominantly Orange for a game thread for Thursday Night Football between the Broncos and the Chiefs. Please use this thread to discuss the game and treat others how you’d like to be treated. Even if a Chiefs fan or a fan of some other team should happen upon us, treat him/her nicely.

If the Broncos win, then hooray but if not, conduct yourselves with dignity. In any case, the 1-0 Broncos will be trying to get to 2-0 and, in so doing, have a key head-to-head win over a divisional rival. Just do what Sayre and Ty ask of you and everything should be fine.

Anyway, on the short week, which affects both the Broncos and the Chiefs, for whatever reason the national media is unanimously picking Kansas City in a “slam-dunk” affair.

Nevertheless, Las Vegas seems a bit more reserved on such matters as the definitive line at the casinos is the Chiefs by three. It is well known that home field advantage is worth three points. Thus, in other words, this is a “pick-em” game as Las Vegas sees it, meaning it can go either way.

I echo the sentiments of many others concerning what the Broncos have to do if they want to set a new NFL record with 13 consecutive road divisional victories, run the ball effectively.

Tailback C.J. Anderson is hampered by a toe injury but he will go this evening although it may be wise for the Broncos to use Ronnie Hillman often as well, especially since he was effective against the Ravens in Sunday’s 19-13 victory.

If the defense shows up as it did in Week 1 and if the running game works, do not be surprised if legendary signal-caller Peyton Manning begins to look like the version of himself NFL fans are accustomed to seeing.

In any event, this thread is yours, just have fun with it!