Broncos Name Team Captains


DENVER-As was expected Wednesday, the Denver Broncos named their team captains for the 2015 season while head coach Gary Kubiak mentioned representatives from among other team members may join them on a weekly basis anytime this season.

Among those who received this distinction is, as could be expected, was offensive representative, quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning has been a team captain 14 times in his NFL career, including all four seasons he has been with the Broncos dating back to 2012.

Manning was deferential to his teammates when given the distinction, stating “It’s certainly an honor. It’s not something that you take for granted.” Manning later said that with new players and assistant coaches coming in on a yearly basis in the NFL, that it is paramount to earn the respect of others. Manning stated he believes that being named a team captain represents respect and was pleased to receive this “nice honor.”

Other permanent captains in 2015 include defensive representative, linebacker DeMarcus Ware who is a captain for the 7th time in his career, including a two-time captain with the Broncos. The other five came when he was a member of the Dallas Cowboys for whom he played from 2005-2013.

The special teams representative is David Bruton who is entering his seventh season, all of which have been spent with the Broncos, who is entering his third stint as a team captain.

Additionally, Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak said these three constants may be joined by any one of their teammates, predicated on the performances of said players from the previous week, or game, in the event of the bye week which is slated for October 25.

Kubiak confirmed “We’ll also do weekly captains once we get going.” “I think that’s important because you’ve got a chance as a coach to kind of lift up guys that are performing well, guys that have stepped up and you never know when you start a season.”

Kubiak closed his comments by stating this is a chance for some players on the team to become leaders on the fly. With a new coaching staff in power at 5,280 feet this seems to make as much sense as anything else.

Additionally, I can tell you amid my previous experiences as  a team captain (I was a sparingly used kicker/receiver on the initial Manti High School [Utah] 2-A state championship winning team) that it is a thrill to go to midfield and call the coin toss.

Furthermore, you get to esteem your opponents for that day as comparable to you with equal ambitions as you do, albeit going the other way.

Above it all, though, you get a sense of camaraderie and deference for your opponent which shows what true competition is all about, sportsmanship, dignity and beating the trash out of them.

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