Broncos roster: Kubiak really excited about TE Mitchell Henry


The Denver Broncos made a couple of moves after they finalized their 53-man roster, including the addition of tight end Mitchell Henry, who was a player on the team’s radar before the draft.

The Broncos made an offer to Henry coming out of Western Kentucky, but he felt there was a better situation for him in Green Bay, and it’s hard to blame him. The Broncos had just spent a good portion of their free agent budget on the TE position when they signed Owen Daniels, re-signed Virgil Green, and added TE/FB James Casey. Not only that, but they had just used a third round pick on Jeff Heuerman out of Ohio State.

Signing with the Broncos seemed like, at best, a shot at the practice squad after the draft, so Henry took his chances with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

When Henry hit the waiver wire, the Broncos didn’t take any chances letting him have another choice of where to play. They made it for him. Gary Kubiak talked about the move on Monday.

“I think it was pretty obvious from a tight end standpoint we were going to try to improve the depth of our football team,” the Broncos head coach said. “[We were] kind of excited that he was out there with our guys watching him. Watching him move around today, he moves very well. Between he and actually [TE Arthur] Lynch, also, I think it’s just really going to help us. You go from a group where you have two guys and now you feel like you’ve got a pretty strong group, but we’ve some catching up to do.”

The excitement from this coaching staff to add a young player like this is something to pay close attention to as we approach the start of the regular season. Henry played some of the preseason/training camp with a club on his hand after breaking one of his middle fingers.

The Broncos had to think pretty highly of him to bring him on when they did, and in the role he’s projected to have as the third TE of this team.

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